NGT Taper Thread Gauges

NGT Taper Thread Gauges

NGT (National Gas Taper) Threads are used to check Gas cylinder valve stems and cylindrical neck threads. (Taper 1 IN 16 on diameter)

• American Handbook H-28 Part II - 1957
* 3/4"-14 NGT size is manufacured as per IS 9121-2005 , on customer request.

Manufacturing Range
Taper Thread Plugs - Gauge L1 & Gauge L9
Plain Taper Plug Gauges to check truncation of Minor diameter - Gauge C1 & Gauge C2
Taper Thread Ring Gauge L1 & Gauge L8
Master Check Plug to check Rings L1 & L8
Plain Taper Ring to check crest Truncation of Major Diameter.
Sizes covered are from 1/8 NGT to 1.1/2 NGT.

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