M / KEG Taper Thread Gauges (DIN 158)

Pipe / R Thread Gauges (ISO 7/2)

M KEG Metric Taper Threads are used for oil & grease Nipples where self sealing connections can not be obtained by parallel threads with sealing washers.

• DIN Standard:Basic Dimensions: DIN 158 Part 1-1997 & Gauging Practice: DIN 158 Part 2 - 1997

Manufacturing Range
Parallel Limit Ring Gauges AND Taper Threaded Check Plug Gauge to check parallel ring for diameters from Mc5 to Mc60.
Pitches covered are from 0.8 , 1, 1.25, 1.5 & 2 mm.
We also manufacture Taper Ring Gauges as per old DIN 158 -1986 specification

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